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Friday, 29 June 2012

Top 10: Celebrity Whores

  This top 10 list was taken from Spike and lists Hollywoods top 10 whores most on the list fit the description and do not surprise me.

10. Cameron Diaz- Her being on the list doesn't surprise me she cakes up on so much fucking make up to pretend that she is still good looking and probably sucks so much cock just to get a role or attention. She is probably so full of cum that if you blew her up at a sperm bank the donations would be huger than Oprah's ass after a KFC special. She usually always dates younger guys but she has fucked almost everyone in Hollywood including Chaz Bono so her mud flaps are massive saggers.

9. Alyssa Milano- Alyssa has been sucking cock in Hollywood since the young age of 8. Tony Danza may of been her first. Not her brother on whose the boss as that guy turned out to be a bum dart player. She has 8 tatoos and has fucked a shit load of baseball players along with actors. She also fucked Scott Wolf which means she has no standards what so ever. She has recently been seen as a big hockey fan so she has upgraded from the rounds of the diamonds to the ice. I thought she would of been a higher ranked pick but she still slipped into the top 10.

8. Girls Next Door- This pick sort of confused me but it makes alot of sense now. The girls next door are the ones that life at the Viagra King Hugh Hefs house. Basically talentless plastic that suck wrinkly old dick to get ahead for money. Could you imagine how those women feel with those wrinkly balls and old man baby powder smell on them. These sluts should of went #1. Whores.

7. Tila Tequila- This whore had or still has a TV show where she gets drunk and fucks men and women. Apparently no one in her life knew that she was a carpet muncher before the show. She might not be a muff diver and maybe only portrayed one for the show. Little rice whore.

6. Lindsay Lohan- Lindsay Hohan is currently carpet munching at the moment (no joke) Little clepto drug addict slut is munching on mudflaps.  Lindsay Lohan or Fire Crotch as one of her boyfriends called her is known for laying pipe. She knows pipe better than any plumber. She is no surprise to be on this list and she is still under 30 so in a few years if she is not dead from an OD expect to see freckle tits a contender for the number one spot unless some ultra rookie whore can oust her stock.

5. Carmen Electra- All one has to say is Denis Rodman and understand how this slut made it to the top 5.  She was on Baywatch and is known as a nutorious groupie for bands. And remember if she will sleep with Rodman she will sleep with anyone/anything. Ultra slut top 5 material whore.

4. Madonna- Another ultra whore who also boned Denis Rodman. So again her and Electra had a tough battle to grab this number 4 spot. But I am assuming Madonnas veteran status of a few extra years helped her beat out Electra. This old wrinkley pussy bitch also fucked Vanilla Ice. Her list is as long as pinocchio's nose when he told her she was pretty. Mega whore.

3. Pamela Anderson- You were probably expecting her to be the number one werent you. It has been reported that silicon tits now is hep c positive. She is now old and wrinkly pretends that she cares about animals. 

2. Paris Hilton- Rich whore with no tits. With all that money you would think you would at least buy a tic tac worth of tits. This slut is a carpenters dream! Flat as a board and easy to nail. She slept with lots of men who I presume like the chest of a 9 year old boy. One that she fucked was Criss Angel you would think he would make his magic grow some tits. Expect Paris to Challenge Lohan for top spot in a few years if not dead from her flat chest caving in on her.

1. Sienna Miller- This was a shock to me. I am not doubting her whoreness it is just the fact that I have never heard much of this slut. So I will go basically on what is written on this site.  From what I get here she just fucked a lot in a little time. Could be a surprise whore who we could here lots about in the news soon.

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