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This is a blog I created about everything and nothing. I am just going to search blogs. Find the best the worst the stupidest. Just have a lot of fun. I could fucking spend hours all day searching blogs (yes my life is that pathetic) But even if I had an interesting life I still think I would do the same thing.
Well time to go blog hunting.
Some of the stories and reviews may not be 100% accurate as they are hear say but alot of it could be true.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Boyscouts Of America Bans Fudgepackers

    About fucking time. I actually thought this was done along time ago. And there were actually people who wanted fags to be a part of the boyscouts. I assume those people are all women, Elton John, other fags, people who hate their kids or have no kids ect..... You know shit like this it will make it so that one day Child Molesters will be looked upon as people too. These liberal hippies will just say "He was born that way, it is not his fault that he molests children". Then they will think we should treat child molesters as normal human beings. Don't laugh and say oh thats different. First they gave niggers rights, then fags, child molesters are only next in this hippie liberal nigger loving world. MARK MY WORDS AND SEE.
  Of course gay rights complained but there were some level headed parents who cared about their kids that put their foot down. Anyone who would allow fags to be involved with the boy scouts does not love their kids.
  One of the leaders of the fudgepackers a bumdart all star named Chad Griffin whined in his faggy voice but no one listened (probably because he had a dick in his mouth).

Also some dike head honcho named Darlene Nipper said some shit like the scouts turned their backs on values and humanity or some hippie bullshit like that.
  Finally places and people are waking up!!!! Fags belong on an island with niggers away from normal society.

Guns Aren't The Problem Niggers Are

We all know that guns CAN kill people. Everytime I see these whinny hippies whinning about ban guns ban guns, and have them thinking it will save lives. Cars kill more people a year than guns do. Why don't we ban cars?
  I use to live in Calgary Alberta and there was gun violence there but rarely did anyone innocent ever get  harmed. The gun violence was usually commited by Asian gangs who knew and usually got their target. Sure you would read in the paper that the victim was a good kid or was changing his life around blah blah blah. Odds are the victim had their name written all over the fucking bullet.
  When it comes to niggers with guns that you read about so much in Toronto and most major American cities you read about innocent bystandards getting clipped because niggers can not aim guns properly or can not remember or know their intended target. What kind of a fucking moron would give a nigger a gun? The only people I could see being that stupid would be the government. After all they are also the ones stupid enough to give them driving licenses and make up lots of programs and awards for them to think they are equal people (much like we as society do for the mentally handicapped). I would love to see niggers banned from society all together but I doubt that will happen. But at least get them off the roads and having firearms. I believe people should have the right to bare arms but not niggers.
  The government also gives niggers jobs that they can not handle or in all reality would not have if the world were fair. Anyone in America knows that. We all know the nigger got the job because niggers and liberals voted for it or people didn't want to not vote for it and look racist.
  So all you saying that guns kill. Look at all white neighbourhoods and the residents that have guns. They probably have the lowest murder rates around. Next time you see something that says guns kill if you are in denial and lie you can say gun. If you are a realist truth teller you can say niggers.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Give It Up Jews: Nazi Hunters

 Wars happen daily in society along with devistating deaths horrors throughout the world. The world was a different place many years ago. Many of the Nazis who were nazi soldiers had no choice in Germany back in the early 1900's. I personally myself would of been one willingly but that is besides the point. The Jews still sit and whine and want to track these 90 year old wrinkly fuckers down. The jew will stop at no ends. They now have evidence that an ex Nazi Laszlo Csatary who is 97 years old is living in Hungary and this Jew something centre wants to hunt him down.
 Speaking of the show Nazi Hunters that would be like American families going after Iraqi soldiers (oh wait the Americans have more bombs) or Iraqis coming after Americans (suicide bombings). This nazi hunter bullshit show is just a way to defend their Holohoax in ways to make people feel sorry for them. With the Jews owning the Jew box they can manipulate society to think they are victims much like they use it to destroy the white race in ways of making blacks seem to be superior in ways that they are not. Ie good in television shows. One thing people still need to realize about true Nazi's. They were not white supremicists. They were about Germany for Germans. 
  Out of all the sick thing Jews do this is one of the sickest.  If the Holocaust really did happen it happened years ago. Get over it.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Why Rape Is Funny

Why Rape Is Funny

  Rape is the national sport in many African Countries and even a major pass time for many men (mostly black) in the western world. Men who rape are usually very fucked in the head. But as a spectator or news reader the hilarity of hearing of some woman get raped is very funny. I was talking to Old Bill down at his cotton plantation and he told me that some of his niggers that he has down there do not actually mean to rape. He told me that they are not that bright (none of them ever are) and that they sometimes confuse no for yes. And it is very common for the gorilla women that they have sexual relations with to kick and scream too during sex so they just think it is natural.
  Rape just doesn't occur for people or niggers who are broke either. Many famous (usually niggers) like to enjoy a rape or two now or then in between raping and or hucking around a basketball.
  I know alot of you reading this will think how can someone laugh at some poor women being raped. It isn't her fault. Well odds are it is. If a woman hangs around niggers or dresses like a total skank. They deserve to get raped. I have no pity for a woman crying about rape after she commits one of the 2 offences stated prior.
  So remember if you have money its not rape criminally.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Women Like to be Sexually Harrased

Sexual Harrasment. It is only a crime because the fat women don't get it.
  This woman isn't just every black mans dream it is a person with feelings. Feelings you as a law abiding nice citizens are hurting day in and day out. Why you ask? She is not getting sexual advances made at her. I know I know dont jump up all at once to do it. But she is angry that you are not sexually harrasing her. This whale sees numerous other females most a tenth of her body mass, having guys glance at them or think sexual thoughts about them, yet she goes ignored. HOW you can not fucking miss her. This hurts her feelings and as you can tell there are a lot of feelings in there.
  Sexual harrasment is not a problem though for most women as they like it. Most men like it too but most men who dont like it are too scared to say they are being sexually harrased and even if they are no one cares or does anything about. Especially if you are a straight white male as deep down inside society has made you the best and everyone is worse. Which is true I guess.

People Who Scream Racism. They are usually the ones who think races should be more divided.

People Who Scream Racism. 
They are usually the ones who think races should be more divided.

 Today I was out walking and I heard these kids making fun of this retarded kid. I thought that was really cruel and mean. Not to pick on someone but to make fun of someone who was mentally challenged. I knew that the kid was not equal to us and couldn't help it. The kid is lower in all of our eyes and we do lots of things as a society to make the kid feel better. We call them "Special" and give them extra treatment to make them feel better about themselves because we know that they are not on par with us.
  Same goes to people who are anti racist and hate it when people make fun of other races. We will use black people or niggers as I like to call them here as an example. Out of any other race niggers tend to get the most special treatment of all. Some people get so mad when you mock niggers or even tell the truth about them. When I thought of that retarded kid and how it made me mad I thought that that is probably how these nigger lovers feel when they see someone make fun of a nigger. They know that the nigger is incapable of doing anything to better itself and that it is partially retarded too. That is also why niggers get special treatment by these hippie liberal lovers. They get as mad as I get when retards are mocked.
  A lot of people are also scared to be labeled a racist for telling the truth. It is racist to point out the facts that blacks commit more crimes, or have more STDS, or the fact that their body odor tends to be worse than others. Or the fact that they are the ugliest species on the planet.
  Most people that say they fight racism are greasy hippies. This is a funny personal encounter or instance that made me laugh. I was in a 7-11 in Cranbrook, BC a while back grabbing a slurpee and there was this big ugly nigger buck in front of me in the lineup. The Calgary Sun Newspaper was by the counter and the nigger was looking at this picture.
Which was on the cover and the nigger says" Look at dat stupid ass cracker. What a sad sack of shit He betta watch himself". Turns out I read the paper and that guys name is Jason Devine some hippie from Calgary who is head of Calgary Anti Racism. He had his house ransacked and he got beaten. Apparently by white supremicists. I talked to people I know in Calgary and apparently it wasn't even whites who beat him up it was Phillipinos who didn't like him. I always wondered why I liked all the Philipinos I met ha ha ha. But most people who are anti racist look like this greasy hippie.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Why The Fuck?: Are The Kardashians Famous?

Why The Fuck? Are The Kardashians Famous?
 I hate this family so much they make me sick at the sight of them. Why are they famous? So there dad defended some nigger you may of heard of him OJ Simpson. A guilty murderer get off for killing his wife and her boyfriend. What do his slut whore daughters do? Date nigger athletes? It just sickens me. They are all fucking ugly beyond believe. The show is not funny. Having any product endorssed by them virtually kills the image of the company. Odds are all 3 of the daughters have AIDS from fucking nigger monkeys.
  How is this show on the air? I know nobody that watches it yet I see one of these skanks on the cover of magazines that nobody ever buys at the grocery store?
  There is a facebook page dedicated to this I never started it but I suggest you and all your friends join. Just google this family and it is all hate. People tell me though they are laughing to the bank but who in their right fucking mind funds anything related to them? Not only do average people hate them celebrities including Gwenyth Paltrow, Beyonce, and Hale Barre hate Kim. The 2 later maybe because negro bucks sleep with that pig Kim instead of them, I don't know.
  As much as I fucking hate Jersey Shore and that troll face Snooki. She isn't nearly as hated as this skanky Coaldashian monkey fucker family. And of course now that one AIDS Infested Kardashian got herself a new pet nigger chimp in Kanye West.
  Makes me fucking sick. Anyway, Boycott this whole family sign petitions I would love nothing more than to see this family die slowly of AIDS and be bankrupt on the street.