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Friday, 29 June 2012

South Park 1

  South Park one of the most contrevery shows on television which usually makes it one of the best. If you have never heard of South Park you are probably too fucking stupid to read this. There are tons of sites with South Park shit all over the net this South Park Zome blog is one of the better ones that I have found. You can play games and watch episodes on it. But if you google South park you can find just as many other places.
  South Park episodes have created a lot of whining pussies to complain about the show. Mostly hippie liberals who whine about anything that offends them. South Park is a great show written by 2 men who appear to be homosexuals although other reports claim they are not. The show has manged to piss alot of people off which is a good thing this kid in the video below seems to be quite offended by the show.
  This kid has gained internet fame with over 29 million views for his little rant. Read the comments on the video too. You would think that a fat ugly piece of shit like that wouldn't become that vocal on the issue as he is just drawing attention to himself.  But really his life was probably ruined before he made the video. If you watch the video feel free to leave a comment on the video he has them on and must like the attention.
  One of the biggest uproars is when South park wanted to air an episode of the muslim profit Mohammed. That caused alot of uproar with muslims around the globe. We all know how Islam is known for peace and tolerance so of course they would never do anything to cause a stir.

More to come soon......

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