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This is a blog I created about everything and nothing. I am just going to search blogs. Find the best the worst the stupidest. Just have a lot of fun. I could fucking spend hours all day searching blogs (yes my life is that pathetic) But even if I had an interesting life I still think I would do the same thing.
Well time to go blog hunting.
Some of the stories and reviews may not be 100% accurate as they are hear say but alot of it could be true.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Stupid Funny Pics

Stupid funny pictures

  I found this blog by googling ass head. And found a picture of some paki with a turban on and almost pissed myself laughing.
  There is a shit load of funny pictures on this site. It is a great site to view if you are not eating or do not plan on getting laid in the next while as some of the pictures will make you through up or make your dick stop working. But if you have some time to kill check it out.

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