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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Guns Aren't The Problem Niggers Are

We all know that guns CAN kill people. Everytime I see these whinny hippies whinning about ban guns ban guns, and have them thinking it will save lives. Cars kill more people a year than guns do. Why don't we ban cars?
  I use to live in Calgary Alberta and there was gun violence there but rarely did anyone innocent ever get  harmed. The gun violence was usually commited by Asian gangs who knew and usually got their target. Sure you would read in the paper that the victim was a good kid or was changing his life around blah blah blah. Odds are the victim had their name written all over the fucking bullet.
  When it comes to niggers with guns that you read about so much in Toronto and most major American cities you read about innocent bystandards getting clipped because niggers can not aim guns properly or can not remember or know their intended target. What kind of a fucking moron would give a nigger a gun? The only people I could see being that stupid would be the government. After all they are also the ones stupid enough to give them driving licenses and make up lots of programs and awards for them to think they are equal people (much like we as society do for the mentally handicapped). I would love to see niggers banned from society all together but I doubt that will happen. But at least get them off the roads and having firearms. I believe people should have the right to bare arms but not niggers.
  The government also gives niggers jobs that they can not handle or in all reality would not have if the world were fair. Anyone in America knows that. We all know the nigger got the job because niggers and liberals voted for it or people didn't want to not vote for it and look racist.
  So all you saying that guns kill. Look at all white neighbourhoods and the residents that have guns. They probably have the lowest murder rates around. Next time you see something that says guns kill if you are in denial and lie you can say gun. If you are a realist truth teller you can say niggers.