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Sunday, 8 July 2012

People Who Scream Racism. They are usually the ones who think races should be more divided.

People Who Scream Racism. 
They are usually the ones who think races should be more divided.

 Today I was out walking and I heard these kids making fun of this retarded kid. I thought that was really cruel and mean. Not to pick on someone but to make fun of someone who was mentally challenged. I knew that the kid was not equal to us and couldn't help it. The kid is lower in all of our eyes and we do lots of things as a society to make the kid feel better. We call them "Special" and give them extra treatment to make them feel better about themselves because we know that they are not on par with us.
  Same goes to people who are anti racist and hate it when people make fun of other races. We will use black people or niggers as I like to call them here as an example. Out of any other race niggers tend to get the most special treatment of all. Some people get so mad when you mock niggers or even tell the truth about them. When I thought of that retarded kid and how it made me mad I thought that that is probably how these nigger lovers feel when they see someone make fun of a nigger. They know that the nigger is incapable of doing anything to better itself and that it is partially retarded too. That is also why niggers get special treatment by these hippie liberal lovers. They get as mad as I get when retards are mocked.
  A lot of people are also scared to be labeled a racist for telling the truth. It is racist to point out the facts that blacks commit more crimes, or have more STDS, or the fact that their body odor tends to be worse than others. Or the fact that they are the ugliest species on the planet.
  Most people that say they fight racism are greasy hippies. This is a funny personal encounter or instance that made me laugh. I was in a 7-11 in Cranbrook, BC a while back grabbing a slurpee and there was this big ugly nigger buck in front of me in the lineup. The Calgary Sun Newspaper was by the counter and the nigger was looking at this picture.
Which was on the cover and the nigger says" Look at dat stupid ass cracker. What a sad sack of shit He betta watch himself". Turns out I read the paper and that guys name is Jason Devine some hippie from Calgary who is head of Calgary Anti Racism. He had his house ransacked and he got beaten. Apparently by white supremicists. I talked to people I know in Calgary and apparently it wasn't even whites who beat him up it was Phillipinos who didn't like him. I always wondered why I liked all the Philipinos I met ha ha ha. But most people who are anti racist look like this greasy hippie.

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