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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Women Like to be Sexually Harrased

Sexual Harrasment. It is only a crime because the fat women don't get it.
  This woman isn't just every black mans dream it is a person with feelings. Feelings you as a law abiding nice citizens are hurting day in and day out. Why you ask? She is not getting sexual advances made at her. I know I know dont jump up all at once to do it. But she is angry that you are not sexually harrasing her. This whale sees numerous other females most a tenth of her body mass, having guys glance at them or think sexual thoughts about them, yet she goes ignored. HOW you can not fucking miss her. This hurts her feelings and as you can tell there are a lot of feelings in there.
  Sexual harrasment is not a problem though for most women as they like it. Most men like it too but most men who dont like it are too scared to say they are being sexually harrased and even if they are no one cares or does anything about. Especially if you are a straight white male as deep down inside society has made you the best and everyone is worse. Which is true I guess.

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