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Friday, 29 June 2012

Reasons Why It Is Cool To Hit Women

Reasons Why It Is Cool To Beat Women

  Unlike such great countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, ect where Beating women is a national sport. In the western world for some reason is illegal but it is also frowned upon. Why we will never know. The common term for hitting a woman is known as domestic violence. Domestic violence 99% of the time is justified and serves a reason. For example if you get home from the strippers with your friends and there is a single dirty dish in the sink. That is at least 5 smacks in the face for the bitch. If your old lady buys you the wrong kind of beer that is another ass beating. There are a few things that you shouldn't beat your wife for like when she gives you her credit card and only wants you to spend 95 bucks on hookers instead of 100. That is reasonable as long as she swallows when you get home.
  Really when men beat women it is the men that are the victims of all of this. The women made them do it. I know this one guy I call him Big Chief he is a 6'5 320 pound native guy his wife is only ( 5'1 100 pounds maybe) And one day we were all watching the football game there and the battery in the remote died. So he got up and beat her to a pulp. He only smacked her 6 times ( I was laughing pretty hard so it could of been 7 times) and through her down the small flight of stairs. But she deserved it. If she would of checked the level on the batteries earlier no one would of had to of gotten up to walk the 2 feet to turn the volume up. Stupid bitch. She understands it was her fault just like all of you reading this do.
  Some men like to beat their wives with objects so they don't hurt their hands. These men are usually the smarter ones. But always make sure that you hit the woman with something that belongs to her and not you so you don't break your own things.
  In some rare instances some people mainly neighbours (your wife if you haven't been hitting her enough) will phone the cops, 99.9999% of people that call the cops are homosexuals it is a fact. The good thing is most cops hit their wives too so they understand. The reason why most cops hit their wives is they have the disease of penis envy. They became cops for some authority because they feel they lack not having a dick. So they will understand why you beat your wife. Just assure the cop when he arrives there that your dick is smaller than his regaurdless if it is or isn't. This could save you from going to jail.
  Remember you are the man now go remind your wife that.

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