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Friday, 29 June 2012

Canadas Secret: Part 1 Military

Canada's Secret: Part 1 The Military

 Canada and war hearing those thing in the same sentance is like hearing about the fat chick that turns down mcdonalds. it just doesnt happen very often. But it happens more than you would think. Canada had a strong military precence in Afghanistan, Iraq, and numerous other smelly camel raping countries. Most people Canadians especially when they think of Canada fighting they think we would just get the states to protect us like some big brother. Hence we give the yanks everything they want anyway they sort of owe us.

  Canada has a larger inteligence precense in the US than the US does in Canada. Do Americans really think that the NHL was invented because we cared about Americans trying to learn to play hockey? Look at Hollywood also. Next to Jews the next biggest group of people in there is Canadians. We can even strike you with double wammies US the most powerful and biggest threat to your country. THE CANADIAN JEW.

  See Canada knows the weakness of the American people is the entertainment. And since one of the only ways to get into Hollywood is to be Jewish we had to recruit Canadian Jews to infultrate the system for Canada.
  Since most Americans have repeatedly blamed Canada for the terrorist attacks of 9-11 Canada has beefed up large security measures on the skydome, west edmonton mall, and the head office for Molson breweries. Canada know that the US and Russia have been best friends along with Cuba to wipe Canada off the map so Canada has started off slowly with their plan to make America a big isolated state. Canadian Prime Minister Tim Horton declared the US on its axis of evil along with Sea World and the Vatican. The process of dumbing America down started back in the 70's when a young hippie from Toronto named Alec showed up at the Canadian National Headquarters in Montreal looking for a job. He showed great promise. So Canada recruited him on a full scholarship to play hockey at the University of Canada and study offence in the military. He then became a Captain and went in to the states to dumb down moral. He started a show called Jeopardy with William Shatner to make Americans feel stupid. The trap was a great sucess as Americans started feeling dumber by the second.
  The other plan that the Canadian Super Evil Power had was to send out fliers in Mexico about how great America was. Since the border guards were on to Canada. The Canadian military just took pictures of Cancun and Mazatlan to show the mexicans. With this plan still in place to day along with help from Arnold Swartzineger the state of California is starting to dismantle.
  CNN and other libtarted stations hid the fact that Canada captured Hussien. That is just something else to get their heads off of the real threat. Canada. America knows it now you all know it. Canada is up to something and when you Americans are listening to your cRap music, idolizing basketball, and whining about your health care and government. We will strike. Canada is on to you America. Why do you think we are so nice to your faces. We all laugh at you behind your backs. And if your British and you are laughing at this wipe that smirk off your fucking face the UK is next after the states. Viva la Canada.

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