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Monday, 2 July 2012

Why The Fuck?: Are The Kardashians Famous?

Why The Fuck? Are The Kardashians Famous?
 I hate this family so much they make me sick at the sight of them. Why are they famous? So there dad defended some nigger you may of heard of him OJ Simpson. A guilty murderer get off for killing his wife and her boyfriend. What do his slut whore daughters do? Date nigger athletes? It just sickens me. They are all fucking ugly beyond believe. The show is not funny. Having any product endorssed by them virtually kills the image of the company. Odds are all 3 of the daughters have AIDS from fucking nigger monkeys.
  How is this show on the air? I know nobody that watches it yet I see one of these skanks on the cover of magazines that nobody ever buys at the grocery store?
  There is a facebook page dedicated to this I never started it but I suggest you and all your friends join. Just google this family and it is all hate. People tell me though they are laughing to the bank but who in their right fucking mind funds anything related to them? Not only do average people hate them celebrities including Gwenyth Paltrow, Beyonce, and Hale Barre hate Kim. The 2 later maybe because negro bucks sleep with that pig Kim instead of them, I don't know.
  As much as I fucking hate Jersey Shore and that troll face Snooki. She isn't nearly as hated as this skanky Coaldashian monkey fucker family. And of course now that one AIDS Infested Kardashian got herself a new pet nigger chimp in Kanye West.
  Makes me fucking sick. Anyway, Boycott this whole family sign petitions I would love nothing more than to see this family die slowly of AIDS and be bankrupt on the street.


  1. couldnt agree more. These are the daughters of one of the scumbags who allowed OJ to get away with murder.

    Niggers kill their white wives and girlfriends all the time, but for some reason feminists only have time to bitch about white men. Very odd, considering that african women are about as liberated as a plow ox.
    Everything about these people is loathsome. Not just the fact that they are a whole family of coal burning race traitors, but because they encourage the abomination known as caitlyn jenner. It is a disgusting thing that used to be a he and wanted to be a she, but is now just an "it".
    They are encouraging everything that is wrong with our society.