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Monday, 16 July 2012

Give It Up Jews: Nazi Hunters

 Wars happen daily in society along with devistating deaths horrors throughout the world. The world was a different place many years ago. Many of the Nazis who were nazi soldiers had no choice in Germany back in the early 1900's. I personally myself would of been one willingly but that is besides the point. The Jews still sit and whine and want to track these 90 year old wrinkly fuckers down. The jew will stop at no ends. They now have evidence that an ex Nazi Laszlo Csatary who is 97 years old is living in Hungary and this Jew something centre wants to hunt him down.
 Speaking of the show Nazi Hunters that would be like American families going after Iraqi soldiers (oh wait the Americans have more bombs) or Iraqis coming after Americans (suicide bombings). This nazi hunter bullshit show is just a way to defend their Holohoax in ways to make people feel sorry for them. With the Jews owning the Jew box they can manipulate society to think they are victims much like they use it to destroy the white race in ways of making blacks seem to be superior in ways that they are not. Ie good in television shows. One thing people still need to realize about true Nazi's. They were not white supremicists. They were about Germany for Germans. 
  Out of all the sick thing Jews do this is one of the sickest.  If the Holocaust really did happen it happened years ago. Get over it.

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