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Friday, 13 July 2012

Why Rape Is Funny

Why Rape Is Funny

  Rape is the national sport in many African Countries and even a major pass time for many men (mostly black) in the western world. Men who rape are usually very fucked in the head. But as a spectator or news reader the hilarity of hearing of some woman get raped is very funny. I was talking to Old Bill down at his cotton plantation and he told me that some of his niggers that he has down there do not actually mean to rape. He told me that they are not that bright (none of them ever are) and that they sometimes confuse no for yes. And it is very common for the gorilla women that they have sexual relations with to kick and scream too during sex so they just think it is natural.
  Rape just doesn't occur for people or niggers who are broke either. Many famous (usually niggers) like to enjoy a rape or two now or then in between raping and or hucking around a basketball.
  I know alot of you reading this will think how can someone laugh at some poor women being raped. It isn't her fault. Well odds are it is. If a woman hangs around niggers or dresses like a total skank. They deserve to get raped. I have no pity for a woman crying about rape after she commits one of the 2 offences stated prior.
  So remember if you have money its not rape criminally.

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