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Friday, 29 June 2012

Rufus McGall 2: A Working Man

Rufus McGall 2: A Working Man
  If you read my first post about Rufus earlier today in this blog you probably got to get a good feel and start to know Rufus, many of you probably shed a tear and have a nice warm place in your heart now for Rufus. After I wrote about Rufus I found out that he had to aquire another job in order to obtain things in his life like booze, crack, and better food than what I give him. Another thing I didn't tell you about Rufus is he has a girlfriend. Or as he calls her "My Ho". Her name is Shenequah. Rufus said she works for the government. He wasn't quit clear to me what she did there but he said he knows she works for the Canadian Gubbament as all the cheques she gets comes from them.
  Here is Shenequah. Rufus is in love with her and all of her 12 children. She named all of her children JJ. I was at first confused about how she could manage them and not get them all confused. But when she calls them she just calls them by their last names to tell them apart. She is smart I really understand now what Rufus sees in her.
 But now onto Rufus's new job. Rufus has always been in sales the problem with him though is that he has been on the side that aquires the object and usually illegally. This guy named Gary that I indroduced Rufus to is a salesman and he is looking for another sales rep to work for him. Rufus is on salary plus bonuses. The item that Rufus will be selling is tampons. Gary was a little hesitant on hiring Rufus at first because Rufus asked if he would be selling both male and female tampons. But after getting Rufus's vibe Gary hired him on the spot.
 So the nerves are definately getting to Rufus and he probably will have a tough time sleeping tonight. The one thing about Ruffie though is he eats out of the horse trough by the shed there alot. I know he does it, the horses know that he does it, but he thinks we don't know and we don't want to embarass him by telling him not to. So I put a little bit of tranquilizers in the food in there for tonight so it will knock him out a bit tonight so he isn't upity and restless.
  Rufus will succeed at his job I am very confident about this. He told me about his vast great work history he helped make the automobile with Harrison Ford and helped Al Sharpton invent electricity until the white man stole that idea away from them. Rufus told me stories about how that black men use to be able to fly until the racist white man took that away. And trust me with Rufus's credibility anything he says must be true.
I will fill you all in tommorow on how Rufus does.

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