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Friday, 29 June 2012

Reasons To Steal From Senior Citizens

Reasons To Steal From Senior Citizens
  Stealing from senior citizens is not only easy and very profitible, It can also be a lot of fun. Nothing can give you a laugh or make you feel better about yourself than when you push an elderly person down to the ground who is about 90 and steal their purse. Double bonus for funny if it is their life savings in their purse. That is why it is always best to hit them up when they are leaving a bank. The majority of the time you don't have to physically assault the senior citizens but it makes it a little more funny.
  Old drunk Joey that lives in the box behind the liquor store is one of the best at robbing seniors that I know. He says he doesn't like physically hitting them anymore because he is in his 50's and has drank shitty wine his whole life and he told me that he laughs so hard when he pushes them down that he often defecates in his pants from laughing.
  Some people with a bit of dignity try the lying to scam seniors approach. But most proffesional high end senior theft experts say that method is too nice.
  The one funny way to rob them is find an old lonely person in one of them geyser homes (preferably in a wheel chair). Show up and tell them that you have to take them out to see their nephew. Then take them into a big store or the mall and just leave them there. Then go back to their place and totally clean them out. If an employee of the nursing home comes just say that they are out with your sister and you have to pack up some things. They have never questioned when that method is used. If you are black do not attempt to rip off seniors as black people do not care about their relatives so you will be automatically labeled as a theif.
  Just like old folks homes other great places to rip off senior citizens include hospitals, bingo halls, and churches. I mean really would god make it that easy to rip off seniors in his own house if he didn't want you to do it? I mean fuck come on he is basically inviting you in to rip them off.
  Sure there are some hippie fag liberals that say stealing from senior citizens is wrong or immoral but they are saying that because they are trying to hide the fact from everyone else that they do it all the time. Its true most people that condemn bad shit are the worst offenders of it. It is like people that say they hate fags odds are they are the biggest poo pushers around.
  So I hope that helped you all out. remember they are old and weak not only do they deserve it they are asking for it.

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